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Daytona Beach business plan lawyerA typical business plan outlines the goals of a job for the next three to five years. It’s a roadmap for the future that puts your company on a firm foundation. Especially in the early stages of a business, you want to avoid the mistakes that sink so many ventures before they ever really get off the ground.

When you make Lankford Law Firm your business partner, experienced business lawyer Melody Lankford will go through every line of your venture’s plan and strategy to make sure it’s realistic, compliant, and doesn’t leave you unprepared for potential liability. Build your company on solid ground by constructing a solid business plan to guide your venture’s growth and development. The Florida business lawyers with Lankford Law Firm can help small business owners develop a plan that reduces liabilities and fosters optimal growth.

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A profession idea describes your company, its job, and what distinguishes it from your competitors. It describes your products or services and your target demographic(s). A profession idea should also address funding, projected growth and profits, and how your company will be marketed.

With years of experience as business lawyer, Melody Lankford can help you avoid some of the mistakes often made when a professional arrangement is developed. Optimism is good, but a professional arrangement should be based on the hard facts and market realities that potential investors must consider. Additionally, a comprehensive plan must not fail to address possible risks that could lead to lawsuits and litigation in the future.

As your legal counsel and business partner, attorney Melody Lankford can ensure that your business plan leaves nothing to chance while addressing the concerns of investors and providing a solid basis for your company’s growth. You’ll also have regular access to sound legal advice, comprehensive corporate planning guidance and our lawyers even offer legal representation if you find yourself involved in business litigation.


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