Florida and Pennsylvania Business Formation Lawyer

Daytona Beach Business Formation LawyerForming a new business often requires complex plans and tough decisions. You’ll encounter unanticipated obstacles and dilemmas. The Daytona Beach-based business formation lawyers of Sandman & Lankford, PLLC help company owners protect their interests by offering legal advice and completing or reviewing all of the legal documents required when forming a new company.

With sound legal guidance and careful planning from the start, Sandman & Lankford, PLLC helps you avoid disputes and business litigation that could disrupt or do serious damage to your company in the years to come. During and after the business formation process, our experienced business attorneys will act as your registered agent and your reliable business partner for all of your business-related legal needs. If you’re considering a new business or commercial venture in Daytona Beach, FL or Berks County, PA, or if you’ve already launched the business development process, call the Daytona Beach-based business formation lawyers with Sandman & Lankford, PLLC today for the advice and services that every Florida and Pennsylvania business needs.


Our elite team of Florida and Pennsylvania business formation lawyers begin by assessing your particular business goals, needs, and resources. We consider risk, liability, and tax consequences, and we help you determine the business entity that best fits your own goals and circumstances: a limited liability company, partnership, or corporation.

We can also review key documents or help you draft the legal documents you’ll need when opening a new business, including:

  • Articles of incorporation;
  • Local by-laws;
  • Operating agreements;
  • Shareholder agreements; and
  • Employment agreements, contracts, and policies.


The law requires owners to designate a registered agent to act on your company’s behalf. When you are served with a summons, a lawsuit, or other official government documents, you must have a registered agent authorized to receive and sign for these documents during normal business hours.

Serving and representing clients throughout Central Florida and Central Pennsylvania, our law firm’s business lawyers will act as your registered agents along with providing the entire range of legal services a that a small business routinely requires. When you’re forming a company, obtaining the services of an experienced business formation lawyer who can also act as your registered agent is one of the most important things that you can do.

In addition, Sandman & Lankford, PLLC can also assist with other matters such as writing business contracts, serving as your legal counsel in court for business litigation, and beyond.

Attorneys Lori Sandman and Melody Lankford provide a comfortable, friendly setting for clients and potential clients to discuss their business matters, commercial interests, and related legal needs by setting appointments around their clients’ schedule and coming to their office for meetings. Contact the qualified business attorneys of Sandman & Lankford, PLLC for a consultation today at 386-206-2898.