Daytona Beach Business Law Attorney

Daytona Beach business law attorneyIn 21st century Florida, the commercial marketplace is global, and small business owners are justifiably concerned about a number of legal issues that now directly impact their businesses. Aside from worries over everyday business matters, today’s small business owner is also concerned about potential discrimination and personal injury claims; legal obstacles to hiring qualified job candidates; protection of intellectual property; and a number of other contemporary business issues. Even daily, routine job decisions seem to require the knowledge and insights of a Harvard constitution professor combined with a Fortune 500 CEO.

So where can the small business owner turn for help? Well, that’s precisely where you can benefit from the experience of a top business lawyer. Whether you need a hand with business litigation, legal advice on a business dispute, require help with writing a new employee contract or need help buying a new piece of real estate or asset for your company, you can turn to an experienced Florida business lawyer: Attorney Melody Lankford, of the Lankford Law Firm, serving Daytona Beach and other communities of Central Florida.


The Daytona Beach business attorneys with the Lankford Law Firm offer comprehensive legal counsel and services to all kinds of small businesses. We review your legal documents and assure they are thorough, accurate, and on time. Some legal disputes have the potential to bring your company to a grinding halt. Florida business law attorney Melody Lankford puts in every effort to help you resolve disputes before they reach the courtroom for formal business litigation.

Our Daytona Beach attorneys offer clients comprehensive legal advice, representation and legal services for every stage of your company’s growth,  from start-up advice, to daily operations, to job dissolution and beyond, including:

  • Business formation and development plans;
  • Business to business agreements and contracts;
  • Risk evaluation and management;
  • Trademarks and intellectual property protection;
  • Establishing a solid company policy and procedures;
  • Developing compliance programs and conducting audits;
  • Acting as your corporate secretary and registered agent;
  • Managing and negotiating employer-employee relations; and
  • Conducting internal investigations of employee complaints.


If you own a small business, it’s wise to develop a long-term relationship with a Daytona Beach business law attorney you can trust – Lawyer Melody Lankford. An attorney who’s experienced business law can help you and your company to avoid litigation, legal disputes and other challenges. And when you do find yourself facing legal challenges and really need a Florida business attorney, you’re dealing with someone who already knows you and your venture. The Lankford Law Firm represents and serves small businesses throughout Volusia County, along with Brevard, Flagler, Orange, and Seminole counties.

Attorney Lankford provides a comfortable, friendly setting for clients and potential clients to discuss their business law case and legal needs by setting appointments around her clients’ schedules, and coming to their office or shop for meetings. Contact the Lankford Law Firm for a consultation today by calling 850-264-7004 or email us at: [email protected] Se Habla Español.