Daytona Beach Business Risk Management Lawyer

Daytona Beach business risk management lawyerIn a small business, risk management involves actively working to reduce loss, reduce liability and lessen your chances of seeing civil claims and business litigation. The risk management process often begins with a simple review of business operations and procedures to determine if better approaches or methods can be implemented. Risk management is also about reducing liability. This means protecting companies against personal injury claims and employee claims of discrimination, harassment, or wage-hour violations.

Risk management attorneys also address compliance and offer legal advice designed to help keep your small business protected from criminal prosecution or tax troubles. When you make the Lankford Law Firm your small business partner, you know that an experienced Daytona Beach business risk management lawyer is always looking out for you, your company and its best interests. Call the Florida business lawyers at the Lankford Law Firm today to discuss the ways we help small businesses in Central Florida manage and reduce risk. Arrange a free case consultation by calling 850-264-7004.


Risk is a part of business, and a small business owner faces many types of risk. Some will be predictable; many will not. Some risk is minimal and easily managed; other risks can threaten the life of your business. The Daytona Beach business threat administration lawyers at the Lankford Law Firm will help you develop a business plan that reduces risk, and we review contracts and other legal documents for potential risks before you sign them. In addition to developing and enforcing policies, procedures, and operations that reduce risk, a formal risk assessment should be conducted on a regular basis.

The Lankford Law Firm can do that and more. We work with small businesses throughout Central Florida, acting as your small business partner and always working in your best long term interests. Big corporations employ full-time risk managers to identify and minimize risks, while avoiding the incidence of litigation and civil claims. A small business may not have that particular luxury, but every small business needs a Daytona Beach business lawyer dedicated to your company’s growth, health, and success. This includes comprehensive risk management, in addition to addressing employment and hiring practices, employee contracts, intellectual property law cases, wage and workers’ compensation disputes and beyond.


The Daytona Beach business risk management lawyers with the Lankford Law Firm represent and serve small businesses throughout Volusia County, along with Brevard, Flagler, Orange, and Seminole counties. Attorney Melody Lankford provides a comfortable, friendly setting for clients and potential clients to discuss their business and legal needs in a confidential, private setting. In addition, Attorney Lankford even sets appointments around her clients’ schedules, and coming to their place of business for meetings. Contact the Lankford Law Firm for a consultation today at 850-264-7004 or email us at: [email protected] Se Habla Español.