Daytona Beach Rental Lawyer

Daytona Beach rental lawyerThe Lankford Law Firm provides legal advice, services, and representation to Central Florida landlords and property managers who are overseeing rental properties. If you are a landlord with any legal questions or concerns about how federal and state law impacts you, or if you are already dealing with or anticipating a landlord-tenant dispute, speak right away with an experienced Daytona Beach rental lawyer at the Lankford Law Firm.

Florida law does not require landlords and tenants to have a lease agreement. However, landlords and tenants both have rights and responsibilities under the law even when those rights and responsibilities are not addressed in a lease. A lease functions to protect the rights and specify the obligations of both parties. By working with an experienced rental and real estate lawyer, you can take measures to protect yourself from litigation, lawsuits and other stressful and time consuming legal troubles.


The Daytona Beach rental lawyers at the Lankford Law Firm help landlords and property management firms to draft and review the terms of leases, while also ensuring compliance with the law. Our goal is to provide landlords with the maximum amount of legal protection. Residential and commercial leases should address security deposits, the amount of rent and the due date, the length of tenancy, subleasing, and lease termination.

A Florida rental lawyer can also help you consider other provisions as well, ranging from whether pets or children are allowed in a residence, to negotiating the various provisions that are necessary for a commercial lease. When a landlord-tenant dispute is in progress, we can usually resolve the clash through out-of-court negotiation, helping you avoid litigation. However, if a negotiated settlement is unavailable, our attorneys will not hesitate to protect your interests aggressively in a court of law.


When tenants fail to meet their responsibilities to a landlord, you may move to evict. In Florida, eviction can be a complex process, but when a landlord has a legal cause to evict a tenant, we can guide you through the eviction and enforcement process. This can dramatically minimize the stress and hassle that you experience, while shortening the timeframe that it takes to complete the eviction process.

If you’re dealing with – or are anticipating – a landlord-tenant dispute now or in the future, get legal help at once from an experienced Daytona Beach rental lawyer. The Lankford Law Firm represents and serves landlords, property managers and small businesses in Volusia County, along with other Central Florida locations, such as Brevard, Flagler, Orange, and Seminole counties. Ms. Lankford provides a comfortable, friendly setting for clients and potential clients to discuss their business and legal concerns by setting appointments around her clients’ schedules, and coming to their place of business for meetings. Contact the Lankford Law Firm for a consultation today at 850-264-7004 or email us at: [email protected] Se Habla Español.