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Daytona Beach employee complaints defense lawyerWhether it’s in the courtroom, the boardroom, or the lunchroom, when a business is accused of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or some other serious violation of ethics or law, owners and managers may choose to conduct their own internal investigation. As an owner you want the guilty party, if there is a guilty party, to be held accountable; you want to avoid a lawsuit and litigation in the courts. You also want to be prepared if an accusation of wrongdoing does end in a courtroom dispute.

When you conduct an internal investigation, it’s generally advisable to have your own business lawyer to oversee the process. The Lankford Law Firm is your experienced small business partner fully dedicated to protecting the interests of Central Florida’s small businesses and preserving their good reputations. Call our Daytona Beach employee complaints defense lawyers today if you are launching or considering an internal investigation for any reason.


A confidential internal investigation should determine if wrongdoing in fact happened and also determine the company’s liability, if any, for the employee’s unethical or illegal act. Internal employee investigations can effectively solve workplace problems, help you improve policies and procedures, and help you avoid litigation. But be cautious. It really is imperative to have an experienced Daytona Beach employee complaints defense lawyer oversee any internal investigation. Otherwise, both the legality and the effectiveness of your investigation and its results may be questioned.

In today’s business environment, you simply can’t operate without the sound, dependable legal advice that a business attorney can provide. Trust your case to the Florida employee complaints defense lawyers with the Lankford Law Firm in Daytona Beach, FL.


Our Daytona Beach employee complaints defense lawyers know how to conduct in-house investigations, and we advise central Florida business owners, managers, and HR professionals regarding internal investigations and their results. Don’t hesitate to contact the Lankford Law Firm regarding an internal investigation or any other business or employment-related legal concern. Our legal team can assist with a variety of business law matters, including wrongful termination, employee contracts, workers’ compensation issues, wage and overtime disputes and even criminal defense.

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