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Florida Business Law AttorneysLankford Law Firm provides a comprehensive range of business law services to clients throughout Central Florida and beyond, from independent contractors and government contractors, to small and medium-sized enterprises, massive multi-million dollar corporations and even real estate investors.

The right business law attorney can reduce your liability and minimize losses by helping you avoid legal disputes and other costly issues. Our Florida law firm can help with a variety of different services, including business contracts, intellectual property, bid proposals and negotiations, evictions and tenant issues, property acquisition agreements and beyond.

At the law offices of Lankford Law Firm, we are here to help you take a proactive stance when it comes to avoiding legal troubles with the right contracts, written agreements and negotiations. But if a problem does arise – and inevitably, you will encounter a legal issue at some point down the road – business lawyers Melody Lankford and Lori Sandman are here to assist by providing sound legal advice and strategic representation.

The elite team of Central Florida business lawyers with the law firm of Lankford Law Firm, are available to provide a free consultation for your case. Your call is fully confidential so call today at 555-555-5555.

Planning for the Future and Forming a Solid Business Plan

Lawyers with Lankford Law Firm have worked with businesses of all sizes and in a vast range of different niches. We understand the importance of developing a solid business plan that will guide your venture’s growth and development in the coming weeks, months and years.

As experienced business attorneys, we understand how to help you draft a business plan that is realistic, compliant with local and federal regulations and sufficiently detailed so it can guide your venture into the future. We can also help you develop key documents, such as company policies, an employee handbook and company procedures for addressing any potential legal issues that arise. Our goal is to help you to minimize risk and maximize growth and development for your business.

Our Law Firm Will Help You Incorporate and Form a Business in Florida

The incorporation and business formation process can be quite involved, complex and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to navigate the process on your own! Starting a new business is no small feat, but this is where an experienced business formation lawyer can assist.

Our Daytona Beach law firm will help guide you through every aspect of the incorporation process, including:

  • Helping you choose the right type of business entity for your venture, including a partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC) or corporation;
  • Assisting with the incorporation process and articles of incorporation;
  • Guiding you through the process of addressing local bylaws and ensuring you’re in full compliance; and
  • Drafting and reviewing key documents such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, employment contracts and other important business matters.

Business owners must appoint a registered agent to address matters like a lawsuit or summons. Our legal team is happy to assist in this capacity. We can also guide you through the process of trademarking your logo, slogan or product name, and securing copyrights for key pieces of content.

Our Business Contract Lawyers Will Draft and Review Your Company’s Agreements and Contracts

Many business owners get a false sense of security when they utilize generic business contracts and written agreements. But the general, non-specific nature of these documents means they’re of limited, if any, use when a legal dispute arises – especially when you consider the fact that state laws vary quite dramatically.

For this reason, we believe that it is essential to ensure that each written contract or agreement is, at a minimum, reviewed by a business lawyer. Ideally, your company contracts and written agreements should be drafted to suit your unique circumstances. This way, you can proceed with confidence knowing that your contract or document will be enforceable in the courts, providing you with legal recourse if a problem happens to arise.

The business contract lawyers of Lankford Law Firm can draft a variety of different documents, including:

  • business-to-business (B2B) contracts and agreements;
  • work for hire agreements;
  • bid proposals for local, state or federal government contracts;
  • rental agreements or lease agreements;
  • asset purchase agreements;
  • consulting contracts;
  • non-compete agreements; and
  • non-disclosure agreements, amongst others.

It’s especially important to have your own attorney review any business contract or written agreement before signing, especially if the other party’s lawyer prepared the documents. The other party’s attorney will often draft the contract in a manner that gives their own client the upper hand, so you must have a lawyer who can look out for your interests. Our contract lawyers can help interpret any information that is unclear and we can also prepare a modified version of the contract for you to present to the other party if it appears that the original document is not in your best interest.

Our Business Lawyers Are Here to Help With Negotiations, Investigations and Beyond

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, our legal team can also help with a number of other issues that matter to you as a business owner, independent contractor or employee. Our attorneys can help in a number of different areas, including:

  • helping to identify legal liabilities and recommending changes to help minimize risk;
  • assisting with negotiations with a new prospective employee, an independent contractor or another business;
  • conducting an internal investigation on your behalf; and
  • offering guidance to help you develop company policies and procedures.

With our help, we can ensure that your company maximizes profits, while minimizing any losses that can result from issues such as a poorly-written contract, failure to mitigate and minimize risks or even business practices that leave you open to litigation and lawsuits.

Our Attorneys Are Ready to Help With All of Your Business Law Needs in Central Florida

Lawyers with Lankford Law Firm are ready to help to contractors and businesses of all sizes in Central Florida, including Daytona Beach and the surrounding communities of Volusia County, Brevard County, Flagler County, Orange County and Seminole County.

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