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What Are Some Common Concerns for Investors in Florida?

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Every business, big or small, needs a financial boost to expand and achieve certain milestones. That’s where investors come in – to offer businesses some financial muscle. But these investors have concerns that inform their decisions on whether or not to invest in a particular business.

Any business that wants to attract the right investors must deal with their concerns and create an attractive environment for them. A Daytona Beach small business lawyer can help in getting your business ready for exciting opportunities.

How is a Business Person Expected to Give a Complete Competitive Landscape?

Investors would not put their money in your business unless you demonstrate a deep understanding of the industry and the place of your business in it. Notably, the competitive force of other industry players can positively or negatively impact your firm, depending on your level of awareness and the strategies you have put in place. But be careful not to engage in unfair competition practices.

The investor does not expect your business to be supernatural and have abilities to conquer every manner of competition. Instead, you should demonstrate that you are aware of your current limitations and will not compete in areas outside your firm’s current capabilities. A lot of investors are looking for things that set you apart from your competitors.

What Should Entrepreneurs Include in the Business Plan?

A potential investor is likely to invest in your business if you paint them a picture of a thriving industry player. You need to demonstrate that your solution or product is cheaper, faster, or better than others that already exist. Entrepreneurs can back this up with data indicating that such items are meaningful to the customers, validate that their solution is better, or quantify the customer value proposition.

An investor might be more convinced to sign the check if they foresee a larger market share. A Daytona Beach business plan lawyer can help you draft a document that demonstrates your organization’s projected market share and how your product/solution will stand out in the market. Your expertise as a leader will also be instrumental in convincing the investor that you possess the drive to lead the business to success.

Do Investors Care About How Their Money Will be Used?

Apart from the achievements your business has made, the investor will also be interested in the setbacks you might have encountered. They would want to know the lessons learned from them and what you have been doing to meet the initial goals. An investor will also be interested in your upcoming milestones and the potential challenges.

You might need to explain how an investment can help your organization achieve more and settle main problems such as the sales or revenue strategy and critical hires. It all boils down to understanding your business really well and how a financial boost will revolutionize everything.

Remember that the nature of your business influences the kinds of investors you attract. Firms with a clear-cut exit strategy and high ROI can pull venture capitalists. Basically, your financials are in sync with the right investors.

Should I Disclose the Business Risks to the Investor?

It is very tempting to only talk about the exciting wins that your business can achieve and leave out the risks involved. But talking about the risks is an excellent way to build their trust in you by showing that you are self-aware. It also indicates that you have a realistic view of the forces that affect your business operations.

As a strategic entrepreneur, make sure that your business plan highlights both the advantages and disadvantages of investing in your venture. Transparency and trust are a good foundation for any business-investor relationship. A Daytona Beach business risk management lawyer can cement your engagements with good legal practices and protect you from anything that isn’t beneficial.

Should an Exit Strategy be Discussed at the Beginning?

An exit strategy is essential to an investor because no one wants to put their money in a business without an exit plan. While you need capital, the investor needs a return on their investment. They may want in if they are convinced that your firm can produce positive results within a short or moderate period, that is, three to seven years.

You can easily win the investor over if you show a sophisticated understanding of the exit strategies available in your venture. They should know that you are actively thinking about the balance between your need and their need. It should be the primary motivation behind you actively building networks and partnerships and developing the products. A future exit plan needs to be at the center of all your dealings.

Do Investors Really Care About Why You Chose Them?

An investor is always curious to know just how their investment can help a business conquer some milestones. They would be even more interested if they find out that you specifically picked them among a number of other potential investors. So, make sure that you choose your specific investor for a particular reason.

You want the investor to feel like they are part of the narrative. So, as you explain why the business is important to you, make sure to talk about how their financial input would add value to it. And as you prepare to engage with the investor, don’t forget to consult with an experienced business plan attorney in Daytona Beach, FL, before making major decisions.

Business Lawyer Offering Legal Counsel to Small Business Owners

Your business is set up to achieve great things. And you will need to collaborate with many players, including investors – to achieve a lot more. But any external engagement is usually risky because misunderstandings are common when people work together.

Having a Florida business attorney help you create a solid business plan, put everything in writing, and legally binding is a great way to protect your small business in Daytona Beach.
So, if you are bringing investors on board, allow a Daytona Beach small business attorney take care of the legal issues. Schedule a FREE consultation with us by calling (850) 888 8992 and let us help

By: Melody Lankford
After graduating from Davidson College, Melody Lankford earned her J.D. from Florida State University’s College of Law in 2004 and was admitted to the Florida Bar that same year. Ms. Lankford joined Raydon Corporation as in-house counsel in 2004. She worked there until 2012, when she founded the Lankford Law Firm. She is an experienced Daytona Beach small business attorney who offers sound legal counsel and experience-based insights to her business clients.

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