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Daytona Beach Labor Relations Lawyer


Daytona Beach Lawyers Offering Experienced Legal Assistance With Employee Relations Matters

Dealing with issues like labor relations and employee-related disputes can be time-consuming and stressful for any type of business, whether you are a multi-million-dollar corporation with thousands of staffers or a small start-up with just a small handful of employees.

Here at the Central Florida law offices of Lankford Law Firm, our legal team can help you confront and resolve labor conflicts, in addition to addressing issues related to employee relations.

Whether you need professional help drafting contracts or employment agreements, are in need of legal advice to ensure you comply with employment laws, or you simply require representation in a business dispute, our law firm will leverage our years of experience to provide you with the legal help you need to minimize stress and losses.

Lankford Law Firm has extensive experience providing companies, employees, and independent contractors with sound legal advice and highly strategic legal representation in the courtroom and beyond.

If you need help with an employee relations issue, contact the elite business lawyers at Lankford Law Firm. Our Central Florida attorneys are available to provide a consultation for your case. Call today at 850-888-8992.

Our Business Lawyers Help Companies Address Labor Laws and Regulations

The lawyers with Lankford Law Firm are available to provide you with insight, guidance, and legal advice as you develop company policies or address a conflict or other issue involving an employee.

In Florida, there are some very stringent state laws and federal laws concerning employee rights in the workplace. If these laws or regulations are violated, you could be vulnerable to a lawsuit and/or fine. Some of the areas where our attorneys have experience include:

  • Developing company policies, personnel policies, hiring policies, and HR policies to ensure that you are in full compliance with the current laws and requirements, such as Form I-9 Compliance and E-Verify;
  • Issues concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Wage disputes and laws concerning overtime pay;
  • Accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Workers’ compensation issues and workers’ comp disputes;
  • Issues concerning Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) regulations;
  • Allegations of discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, national origin or another trait;
  • Professional licensing-related troubles (i.e. you feel your professional license was suspended or revoked without due cause); and
  • Accusations of unfair hiring practices and wrongful termination.

These are some of the most common areas where we see disputes or questions from our variety of clients, which include independent contractors, small businesses and start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations.

Our seasoned lawyers can help you to confront and resolve these issues. We can also work with you to help develop policies and procedures that will minimize your chances of seeing an issue in this regard.

Offering Guidance for Employers Dealing With a Challenging Personnel Issue

At Lankford Law Firm, our Central Florida business attorneys have dealt with many cases involving clients who have had to confront an issue involving an employee. HR issues can be complex and the personal nature of these matters can pose a serious challenge.

For instance, how do you deal with a once productive employee who is now under-performing? As an employer, can you fire this employee, or would termination leave you open to a wrongful termination claim?

Wrongful termination lawsuits can be costly and stressful for everyone involved. And while most employers are willing to grant a bit of leeway to a good staff member who is confronting a temporary issue that has adversely impacted productivity, it’s also important to remember that you are running a business, and as such, your bottom line matters.

There are many measures that can help minimize your liability as a business, including documenting HR issues and performing a routine employee evaluation. Lawyers can help by offering insight into how you can proceed in a manner that is fair and equitable to the employee without hurting your business. We can offer legal advice and guidance as you deal with these challenging and sensitive personnel issues in a way that will not leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit, allegations of discrimination or a wrongful termination claim.

Addressing Ethical Violations, Allegations of Wrong Doing, and Employee Complaints

Lawyers with Lankford Law Firm have encountered many cases involving an employee who claims that they have been the victim of an ethics violation, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or another wrongdoing. These complaints can result in serious legal action, and a lawsuit can be costly. What’s more, this says nothing of the impact on your reputation as a company or as an employee.

Our legal team works with employees, employers, and contractors who are involved in an employer complaints case. Whether you are the victim or the alleged perpetrator, dealing with this type of legal issue can be very stressful. Our attorneys will offer guidance on how to minimize your liability and how to proceed in a way that maximizes your chances of seeing a positive outcome.

Our business lawyers can also help companies launch an internal investigation that will stand up in the courts. This can bolster your case, providing evidence that can mean the difference between a significant jury award to the victim and a dismissal of the case.

Our Attorneys Will Offer Guidance for All Employee Relations Issues for Your Business

Lawyers with Lankford Law Firm are here to assist with your company’s employee relations-related matters. In addition to working with companies of all sizes, we also represent independent contractors and employees who are seeking legal advice.

Our elite team of Florida business lawyers works with companies throughout the state, from Daytona Beach to the nearby communities in Volusia County, Brevard County, Flagler County, Orange County, or Seminole County.

Whatever your legal needs may entail, trust your case with one of the region’s most reputable law firms. Contact the attorneys of Lankford Law Firm to schedule a confidential consultation session. Contact the Lankford Law Firm for a consultation today at 850-888-8992 or email us at mlankford@lankfordlawfirm.com. Se Habla Español.