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Legal Services – For Clients Who Want To Protect Their Intellectual Property

  • The top attorneys from our award-winning law firm are well-versed in all aspects of intellectual property law, including copyrighting, trademarks, and more.
  • With some of the best attorney reviews in FL, previous clients have highlighted our lawyers’ honest yet aggressive stance on intellectual property law.
  • Unlike other law firms, when you work with a business lawyer from our practice, you will receive top-notch legal counsel and answers to all of your IP-related questions.

Serving clients throughout Central Florida, the Lankford Law Firm counsels and represents independent contractors and businesses with concerns regarding intellectual property law, also known as IP law. This can include legal matters surrounding everything from trade secrets to written content and photographs, graphics, logos, music, website content, video or film, and beyond.

Intellectual property usually originates as an idea, but it’s never too early to begin protecting your ideas and the related products and services that may generate profits for you and your company.

When you partner with the Lankford Law Firm, our Daytona Beach intellectual property lawyers provide sound and comprehensive legal advice and other useful IP resources to clients who need help regarding trademarks, non-compete agreements, trade secrets, and copyright issues. We take the time to fully understand and thoroughly investigate your concerns, but our talented team of IP attorneys will act swiftly, strategically, and decisively to protect your legal and intellectual property rights.

If you need help with intellectual property protection, don’t hesitate to call the Lankford Law Firm immediately. Our Daytona Beach IP lawyers will bring the experience and knowledge that your case demands to negotiations.

Providing Legal Help and Representation to Protect Your Copyright or Trademark

The United States Copyright Office oversees copyrighting, while the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) oversees other forms of intellectual property like a trademark.

The owner of a copyright – the author or the party that has purchased the work and the legal rights attached to it – has the right to control the publication and reproduction of creative works. Copyrights may be issued for content including books, musical compositions, articles, written website content, graphics and photographs, paintings, architectural drawings, and computer programs.

According to the USPTO, trademarks are defined as “words, names, symbols, sounds or colors that distinguish goods and services from those manufactured or sold by others and to indicate the source of the goods.” So, you may seek out a trademark for a company logo, slogan, company name, or even a color. For example, Tiffany & Co. has trademarked the iconic robin’s egg blue hue that it uses for its branding.

As your business partner, the Lankford Law Firm will help guide you through the process of acquiring ownership rights and then registering the trademark or copyrighted material that your business requires.

In central Florida, when you have a trademark to register, or if you are involved in any legal dispute over intellectual property, obtain skilled legal assistance from an experienced Florida intellectual property lawyer. Call attorney Lankford for legal help for your business.

Melody is an extremely intelligent, compassionate and honest lawyer. I can’t thank her enough for the time she spent with me. She truly cares about her clients. In this world of go go go, it’s refreshing to sit with someone that takes the time to HEAR what you’re saying and to formulate thoughtful and effective solutions. Thanks Melody! – Chris Steffen

Intellectual Property FAQ: What’s the Difference Between Usage Rights and Exclusive Rights?

When it comes to copyrighted or trademarked material, you may acquire or grant different rights to another party, typically for a fee. Usage rights are typically granted to a third party who is granted permission to use copyrighted material in a limited capacity. This practice is known as licensing. For instance, your company may own the copyright to a photograph, and you may opt to grant usage rights that allow a magazine to publish that photograph in an upcoming issue of the publication.

Exclusive, full rights involve a transfer of ownership of the content in question. This most often occurs when a company hires an independent contractor to create content on their behalf. If the company accidentally purchased usage rights, the contractor would be free to sell usage rights to other companies, whereas if you secure exclusive, full rights to the content, you would take full ownership of the material, and the contractor would be prohibited from selling that content to another party.

Our legal team can help draft an intellectual property contract if you opt to hire an independent contractor or another third party to create content on your behalf. We can draft a purchase agreement so you can be sure that you are acquiring appropriate rights to the content in question.

Intellectual Property FAQ: What’s Considered Fair Use? And What Does It Mean for My Business?

We also tackle cases of copyright infringement and other IP infringement claims, which may arise when a piece of intellectual property is used without your permission and the usage falls outside of the realm of fair use.

Fair use doctrine refers to a very narrow scope of usage for intellectual property, such as written content or images. IP laws allow for the usage and reproduction of images or portions of written content for the purpose of critique and criticism, news reporting, research, or teaching. When intellectual property usage falls under the realm of fair usage, there is no need to get permission from the copyright holder. You are also not required to pay the copyright holder to use the content in a manner that is considered fair use.

Of course, it’s common to encounter a dispute over whether a particular usage is considered fair use. Our lawyers can offer insight as to whether a specific situation involves fair use or constitutes a violation of your intellectual property rights.

In cases where another person infringes upon your rights, we will issue cease and desist orders, in addition to making demands for compensation when appropriate.

Our Daytona Beach lawyers prefer negotiation to advocate for our clients relentlessly and strategically strive to address legal matters in a way that will maximize your chances of seeing the justice you deserve.

Trust Your Company’s Case to a Top Florida Intellectual Property Lawyer

The Daytona Beach intellectual property lawyers at the Lankford Law Firm represent and serve businesses throughout Volusia, Brevard, Flagler, Orange, and Seminole counties.

The founder of one of Central Florida’s most well-regarded business law firms, Attorney Lankford, takes great pride in her ability to provide a comfortable, friendly setting for clients and potential clients who wish to discuss their business and legal concerns.

Unlike many lawyers, this legal team understands that you have a busy schedule, and they will go out of their way to meet their clients’ needs. They will not only set appointments around clients’ schedules, but they will also come to your place of business for meetings.

If you need help with a legal issue involving intellectual property, Attorney Lankford is here to provide a consultation on your case.

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