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What Is a Business Lawyer? Everything You Need to Know.

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Business operations are bound by regulations meant to bring order and hold the entities accountable. Business owners and managers are often just trained to run and grow a business venture and conquer new markets. However, it might be challenging for them to keep up with the laws governing these operations.

Central Florida business lawyers are specifically trained on the legal aspects of running a business. They are also constantly updated on changes in legislation and could ensure that the business they work with is compliant. Knowing how business law works can empower you on what to expect.

How Can a Lawyer Help When Starting a Business?

Starting a business can give you the independence you desire but can also be very tasking. A business lawyer can streamline the legal process of getting your business up and running. They could:

  • Help you apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Assist in drafting buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, certificates of formation, and other corporate formation documents

Each business needs a different set of legal requirements. An experienced Daytona Beach small business attorney can pay attention to your business idea and give recommendations on everything you need.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Business Transactions?

Businesses bridge their shortcomings and maximize their strengths through collaborations with other businesses. However, there are legal risks involved, and it might be advisable to involve a business lawyer in your mergers and acquisitions.

Their role would be to help you navigate the complexities of these business transactions, negotiate, and draft legal documents. A Daytona Beach small business attorney can also consult with your CPA and advise on whether an asset purchase or share purchase would be beneficial.

Can a Business Lawyer Help When Disputes Arise?

Contract disputes are common in business operations and can occur in your interactions with other businesses or individuals. Solving the misunderstandings through litigation can be costly, take more time, and destroy ongoing business relations.

A skilled business attorney in Daytona Beach possesses negotiation skills that could be instrumental in conflict resolution. They can represent you at every stage of the negotiations and ensure that your interests are well-represented. And should the negotiations fail, the business lawyer can prepare everything needed for the litigation and give your firm the best possible outcome.

When Should a Business Consult With an Attorney?

Even the simplest business transactions carry the potential of misunderstandings that can cost your business thousands of dollars. It could be appropriate to reach out to a business lawyer when:

  • Thinking of restructuring or corporate structuring
  • Facing employment issues
  • Seeking to protect your trademarks and business names
  • Seeking to understand or draft contracts
  • Facing product litigation lawsuits

Constant consultation with a seasoned Daytona Beach small business attorney lets you focus on seizing opportunities and growing your business. Fears of legal liability should not limit you from doing what you need to do in the corporate world when you have a business attorney on speed dial.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Business Lawyer?

Business law services are often charged by the hour. But if you need more predictable and transparent pricing, you can negotiate for a flat rate. Different business lawyers have different rates based on where you live.

It is advisable to have an upfront agreement with your lawyer on their charges. Most initial consultations with business lawyers are free, but consider discussing future costs if you decide to retain their services.

What Can I Expect When Working with a Business Lawyer?

Do not be surprised if your business lawyer asks you questions regarding your business’s history and future goals. And if you are operating or planning to open a small business, they might also ask a few questions about yourself – since the firm might be closely tied to you as the manager or owner.

A full picture of your situation could give the business lawyer an idea of your legal risks and opportunities. It is also critical to discuss the matters they will handle and the costs involved. Once you agree on everything, the Florida business attorney can begin working on your legal matters and regularly update you on the progress.

What are the Important Considerations for Hiring a Business Lawyer?

The decision on whether to pick one business lawyer over another is never easy. But knowing what to seek can make a choice easier.


You can get a good lawyer through recommendations from family and friends. A business could also read the law firm’s bios and reviews from other clients. Don’t forget to look at the ratings on their website as well.

Specializations and Credentials

Business lawyers usually specialize in specific areas such as employment, tax, contracts, or mergers. So, before settling on one, make sure that your issue is one of the areas they handle.

Attorney Fees

A business might charge less to prepare LLC documentation and more when helping with a multi-billion-dollar merger. It helps to also have a budget to guide you on who to hire and streamline your negotiations.


You might have found an excellent business law attorney, but they might be practicing in a different state. It would be convenient to work with someone close to your business premises for convenience.

Lawyers Offering Legal Counsel to Businesses in Florida

Businesses and the law are closely interlinked, and failure to understand the relationship can have grave consequences. Picking the right business lawyer can be challenging, yet picking the wrong one can cost your business a lot more.

Our small business lawyers have been offering legal counsel to businesses in Central Florida for a long time. Regardless of the size of your business entity, you can get all the assistance you need. The initial consultation is usually not charged, and you can ask all your questions during the session before deciding to retain our services. Speak to us today to know the kind of services we can offer.

By: Melody Lankford

After graduating from Davidson College, Melody Lankford earned her J.D. from Florida State University’s College of Law in 2004 and was admitted to the Florida Bar that same year. Ms. Lankford joined Raydon Corporation as in-house counsel in 2004. She worked there until 2012, when she founded the Lankford Law Firm. She is an experienced Daytona Beach small business attorney who offers sound legal counsel and experience-based insights to her business clients.

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