One of the most important aspects of public awareness for any business is creating a symbol, name, or symbol that people can instantly identify – a trademark. Trademark laws are crafted to help businesses create and maintain public awareness and to prevent other people from either innocently or intentionally exploiting the trust a business has worked to achieve with the public. If you have any concerns or questiuons about logo rights or infringement, or if you need to take legal action to protect a trademark, consult right away with an experienced Daytona Beach trademark attorney.

Each small business in central Florida needs to register their symbol to reap the maximum legal protection under the federal and Florida state trademark laws. Registering your logo gives you the exclusive right to use it on your products and in your advertising and marketing, and it legally prevents others from copying or exploiting your logo and the trustworthy reputation you’ve built. However, obtaining the maximum legal protection for your symbol can take a considerable amount of time and legal skill.

If you own a small business in central Florida, let an experienced Daytona Beach symbol attorney help you with the registration of your symbol and handle any problems that may emerge in the registration process. If your logo is infringed, a good logo lawyer can represent your interests, act to stop the infringement, and in some cases even help you obtain damages from the infringing party. In the central Florida area, if your small business needs representation or legal advice regarding a trademark or other matters concerning your company’s intellectual property, reach out promptly to one of our experienced Daytona Beach trademark attorneys.